Another disappointing and characterless effort with Batman Unlimited

Another disappointing and characterless effort with Batman Unlimited

Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem (Film)

Back in May, Otaku Zone reviewed the animated movie Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts, and found it to be disappointing and soulless. A sequel has been made, offering the filmmakers a chance to redeem themselves.

Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem sees Batman and his friends racing against the clock to prevent the Joker and his band of misfits destroying the city of Gotham.

Sadly, Monster Mayhem is another horribly cheap, characterless effort. Added to the tragedy of losing the noir-ish texture and storytelling of the original, 1990s animated Batman TV show, this comes across as having been made by a Michael Bay wannabe: it's just a series of action sequences linked together with brief moments of dialogue. Green Arrow and Cyborg aren't introduced, nor is there an explanation as to why they are in Gotham; they've just conveniently appeared to help Batman.

The plot is - predictably - fairly simple: the Joker has enlisted the help of The Scarecrow, Clayface, Silver Banshee, and Solomon Grundy to help him take over Batman's hometown. But standing in his way as usual is Team Batman: the Caped Crusader himself, plus Nightwing, Red Robin, Cyborg and Green Arrow.

It's impossible to elaborate as there really isn't any more to say. There's a lot of action to keep very young fans happy, but fans hoping for plot will be disappointed, if not outright bored. A wasted opportunity for redemption, this gets a big thumbs down.

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