Still waters run deep in Arslan Senki (Anime)

Still waters run deep in Arslan Senki (Anime)

Epic battles, daring escapes, and clashing swords are staples in this story of honour, valour, death and betrayal. In Arslan Senki, a Prince and a few loyal subjects fight to rid their country of a group of zealots.

The story follows Prince Arslan of Pars, who learns at a young age the horrors of war. His country lies at the crossroads between the East and the West (think Silk Road), and as such is a prosperous nation whose riches are in part thanks to its slave trade.

Neighbouring country Lusitania wants Pars' resources. In fact, the Lusitanians are told by their religion, Yaldaboath, that this bountiful land belongs to them.

The story is an epic almost equal to The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. What makes this so watchable is not the fights, but the powerful back stories, the themes of religion and slave psychology, and a glimpse of what medieval politics may have been like.

Arslan Senki is based on The Heroic Legend of Arslan novels by Dr Yoshiki Tanaka, which in turn is based on the Persian epic Amir Arsalan, an ancient tale that was famously told in the 19th century.

Hiromu Arakawa's (Fullmetal Alchemist) distinctive illustrations are an important part of their brilliant series. If you can't wait for it to start airing on TV, you can pay to watch on Crunchyroll.


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