Ore Monogatari!! (Anime)

Ore Monogatari!! (Anime)

The new romcom anime Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!) has quickly become one of Otaku Zone's favourite shows to watch each week. It takes a character stereotypically used for comic relief, and turns them into a charming and endearing lead. 

Our protagonist is Takeo Goda, a towering hulk with a fearsome appearance, especially for a high school student. His best friend since kindergarten is his next-door neighbour, Makoto Sunakawa, a handsome, cool guy who's popular not only with girls, but grannies and housewives too. Makoto would be the typical leading man in shoujo mangas. 

But in this story he's the supporting character, helping Takeo get the girl. 

Oh, that's right, there's a cute girl who actually likes the big scary guy. Over the years, Takeo has come to accept the fact that all the girls he's crushed on like Makoto and not him. So when he saves cute Rinko Yamato from being attacked on the train, it doesn't occur to him that she's fallen for him. Assuming she likes Makoto, like every other girl he knows, he decides to do whatever he can to help their future relationship. 

The show is based on the manga of the same name by Kazune Kawahara and illustrated by Aruko. It is serialised in Bessatsu Margaret magazine, and an English version is published by Viz Media

Ore Monogatari!! is very sweet - we defy you not to go "awwww" at least once every episode. It's one of those rare anime that lifts your spirits, and we can't recommend it highly enough. 


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