Batman tackles fatherhood in Batman vs. Robin

Batman tackles fatherhood in Batman vs. Robin

Batman and his son the new Robin come to blows in a new action packed movie aptly titled Batman vs. Robin

The story takes place a few months after the events of Son of Batman, as the caped crusader tries to deal with his newfound fatherhood. Both he and his son Damian are working hard to bond and build a relationship, but Batman's parenting skills leave much to be desired. Damian, meanwhile, is still a stubborn know-it-all brat who was trained since birth by his grandfather - and leader of the League of Assassins - Ra's al Ghul. 

The father-son relationship is strained, as Batman shows little trust in Damian's efforts not to kill the "bad guys", and Bruce Wayne drags his feet about publicly announcing that he has a son.

Driving a wedge between the two is Talon, a new vigilante who urges Robin to kill his enemies. While Damian is being lured to this dark side, Batman finds out that an old nursery rhyme is not just a tale to scare little children. It's really about a society that's made up of Gotham's elite, who are willing to kill to preserve their status. Now this group has targeted both Batman and Bruce Wayne, but for two totally different reasons.

The action is tight and nicely paced and viewers will get to see "new Robin" duke it out with "old Robin" when Bruce asks his former ward Dick Grayson (now known as Nightwing) to babysit. The story is also does a great job of examining the relationship between Bruce and Damian.


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