iZombie (TV)

iZombie (TV)


The CW network's new show iZombie is staggering onto TV screens around the world this month, and Otaku Zone got a sneak peek of episode one.

The show is very loosely based on the short-lived DC Comics Vertigo comic book of the same name, and follows the adventures of newly risen undead Olivia "Liv" Moore (Rose McIver). She was turned into a "part"-zombie at a party, but somehow she's managed to stay "normal" - as long as she regularly eats human brains.

Liv gets a job at the coroner's office, where she can get brains without killing anyone. But she soon learns that nutrition isn't all she gets from the brains; she also ingests snippets of the deceased's memories, and some of their skills and habits. With this new ability she aids rookie homicide detective Clive Babinaux (Malcolm Goodwin) in catching killers.

The first episode is a little disappointing - not due to the lack of zombie gore but because it looks like another police procedural, and is nowhere close to similar to the original comic book. This episode could be mistaken for a host of other shows, eg Rizzoli & Isles, Perception, and Castle, which all feature a detective with a non-cop partner with a weird gift. This "Odd Couple" theme is getting a little tired.

The show may be off to a rocky start, but the CW is responsible for such excellent shows as Arrow, The Flash, and The 100, so there are legit hopes for a darker, more evolved story in the future. iZombie premieres next Sunday at 9pm on the Warner TV channel (available on Now TV and TVB Vision).

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