Daredevil (TV series)

Daredevil (TV series)

Daredevil (TV series)

Netflix is giving the man with no fear a second chance at glory, and it might just wash away the shameful stain of Ben Affleck's 2003 movie.

For those unfamiliar with Daredevil, Matt Murdock lost his sight as child when radioactive toxic waste spilled from a speeding truck. He may be blind, but his other senses became super-heightened. In particular, he gained a bat-like radar ability that allows him to avoid crashing into things, or walking into danger. Matt trains himself to use these senses to his advantage, becoming the masked vigilante, Daredevil. He cleans up the streets of New York's Hell's Kitchen at night, but is a mild-mannered lawyer by day.

The show stars Charlie Cox (Stardust) as Matt, Vincent D'Onofrio (Law & Order: Criminal Intent) as his nemesis, The Kingpin, and Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood) as his love interest Karen Page.

The show is much darker and grittier than its silver screen predecessor, and so may not be suitable for younger viewers. Visually it's set to be more in line with Frank Miller's 1980's take on the series; the producers and Marvel are trying to avoid the traces of hamminess that even great shows like Arrow and The Flash suffer on occasion.

All 13 hour-long episodes are due to be released on April 10. Try to resist binge-watching - or else what will you do when it's gone?

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