Looney Tunes Dash is fast-paced fun!

Looney Tunes Dash is fast-paced fun!

Looney Tunes Dash (Video Game)

It's time to put on your virtual sneakers and tie a double-knot as you help guide your favourite Warner Brothers cartoon characters through some wacky race courses in the new mobile game, Looney Tunes Dash. Help Bugs, Tweety, and the Roadrunner avoid getting caught by Elmer, Wylie, and Sylvester.

The game is basically a clone of Temple Run, where gamers control the characters from a behind-the-camera perspective and swipe their fingers left or right to help their character dodge obstacles. Swiping up makes them jump, and swiping down causes them to slide.

Completing the levels in each story will unlock a new one and a new character for you to take control of with new abilities and power-ups for you to play with.

The game is everything you expect a Looney Tunes cartoon to be - fun and funny! Zynga, the developers, have done an excellent job of melding the WB cartoons into the somewhat tired mobile gaming genre. The graphics are vibrant and pretty good for a mobile game. The voices and sounds are near perfect and make gamers feel like they are actually part of a cartoon.

The only downside is that each level is static, with no randomly generated obstacles. But this means if you don't get through the level on the first or second time, you start to remember the layout of the course, making it easier to conquer eventually.

This is a freemium game available on both iOS and Android devices, which means you will need permission to download and play if you don't pay your own phone bill. And as with all gaming, play responsibly.

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