The Morganville Vampires adapted into web series

The Morganville Vampires adapted into web series

Are you are a fan of The Morganville Vampires? Well, if so, we have some good news. The vampire novel series by Rachel Caine has been adapted into a web series by its creator, with some help from geek goddess Felicia Day, and a US$80,000 Kickstarter campaign.

The show revolves around Claire, a student at Texas Prairie University, who finds out the town is secretly run by a group of vampires. She soon becomes embroiled in the night-time affairs of the less-than-human inhabitants. Luckily for Claire, her new roommates have her back when it comes to tackling things that go bump in the night.

This six-part first season stars character actor Robert Picardo as Oliver, the vampire owner of the popular local coffee house hangout. Picardo is best known for his role as The Doctor on Star Trek Voyager, and for sci-fi series like Stargate: Atlantis and The 4400

The other big name attached to the show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer alumnus Amber Benson, who plays Amelie, the head honcho vampire and founder of the town.

Playing the role of Claire is Lindsay Seidel, who will be well known to anime-loving readers for her voiceover work for Funimation on shows like Appleseed XIII, Black Butler II and High School DxD

As an added bonus, the show can be watched online for free at Morganville website

If you're a devotee of the books, or tune in to, and enjoy, the web series, make sure to get all your friends to watch as well. We'll need to show plenty of support and provide plenty of viewers if a second season of this fantastic show is going to happen.


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