New Gundam series released: Gundam Build Fighters Try

New Gundam series released: Gundam Build Fighters Try

Gundam fans rejoice! The anime gods have given Otakus a brand new series based on the Japanese classic, Gundam

The new show's predecessor, Gundam Build Fighters, aired at the end of last year. It focused on the idea of the plastic models which feature in the popular Gundam series being used in a tournament-style battle. Competitors build customised Gunpla models, then challenge one another to do battle.

The new show, Gundam Build Fighters Try, is set seven years after the events of Gundam Build Fighters, at the same school as that series. But now, the Seiho Academy Gunpla Battle Club has fallen on hard times with no championship wins in seven years. 

Reduced to just one member, club president Fumina Hoshino must find another two gunpla enthusiasts to join the club if she even wants a chance at entering the world championship, let alone winning.

Luckily, a new transfer student, Sekai Kamiki, shows up. An expert martial artist, he proves to be a natural Gunpla battle fighter, and can use his fighting skills in matches. Now Fumina only has to find one more member to make up her three-person team to be able to enter the world championship games. 

Who will be that third member be? Keep an eye out for this incredibly fun show coming to an anime channel near you!



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