Street Fighter finally gets a good movie version with Assassin's Fist

Street Fighter finally gets a good movie version with Assassin's Fist

Finally somebody has made a live-action Street Fighter film that doesn't make you want to shakunetsu hadouken (blazing fireball) the DVR to bits. The movie is based on the hugely successful video game of the same name; since its launch in 1987, Street Fighter and its sequels have set the benchmark for fighting games.

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist is a well written and excellently choreographed movie that chronicles the early life of Ken Masters and Ryu. The pair grow up in an isolated forest in Japan, studying martial arts at the dojo of their master Gouken.

Fans of the game will learn how Ryu and Ken develop their signature moves, such as the hadouken (fireball) and shoryuken (jumping uppercut). The movie also delves into the origins of Gouki/Akuma, Gouken's younger brother who turned to the dark side.

Assassin's Fist is written and directed by Joey Ansah, who also plays Akuma. The British martial artist and actor is best known for his role as assassin Desh Bouksani in Bourne Ultimatum. Ansah made a five-minute short that led to game company Capcom giving him the rights to make this movie.

The film also stars Mike Moh (Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight) as Ryu, Christian Howard (The World's End) as Ken and Akira Koieyama (47 Ronin) as Gouken.

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