Iron Man and Captain America team up to take on the Red Skull in Heroes United

Iron Man and Captain America team up to take on the Red Skull in Heroes United

Looking for some more Marvel movie action now that you've seen Guardians of the Galaxy? Well worry not, because Captain America and Iron Man are teaming up to kick some Red Skull derrière in the new animated movie Iron Man and Captain America: Heroes United.

Taking place in the same universe as the live-action movies, the movie begins with the two Avengers sparring with each other on board the Helicarrier.

Far from being a united front, the two are still bickering about their leadership styles: Cap always has a plan with his military combat and strategy skills, while Tony uses his Iron Man tech and off-the-cuff improvisational skills to tackle sticky situations. The two are like oil and water, but they're pretty evenly matched in combat.

Of course, the heroes put aside their rivalries as soon as the Red Skull starts trouble. This time, the villain sends Taskmaster along with a team of Hydra goons to steal Tony's latest weapons and kidnap Cap as part of yet another evil scheme to take over the world.

Will Iron Man be able to recover his tech and save a brainwashed Captain America from the evil clutches of the Red Skull?

There's no word on a Hong Kong hard copy release just yet, but the video is available for digital HD download via the iTunes US store for US$19.99. If you want a taste of the action, an extended clip of the beginning of the movie can be seen online at Marvel.


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