Son of Batman (Animated movie)

Son of Batman (Animated movie)

Get ready for some bratty action as the caped crusader finds out he has a son in the new Warner Bros animation Son of Batman.

The story takes its lead from the 2006 Batman and Son story arc from the comic books, where Batman learns that Talia, the daughter of his arch-nemesis Ra's al Ghul, had had his child, and called him Damien.

In the comic books, Talia wanted to place Damien in Batman's care to distract him, and throw him off his game. However, in the animation, Talia sends her son to Batman to protect him from Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, a disgruntled former colleague of her father, who has managed to kill the near-immortal Ra's, and wants to do the same to his family.

Dumped on Bruce Wayne's doorstep, Damien proves to be an egotistical, snot-nosed, self-absorbed brat. Batman has no idea how to deal with his new responsibilities as a father, while Damien keeps comparing his biological father to his previous male role model, Ra's al Ghul, and finding he comes up short.

Now not only does Batman have to protect his son from assassins, but also his own self-destructive arrogance the only way he knows how: by making Damien the new Robin, much to the chagrin of Nightwing/ Dick Grayson.

This straight-to-DVD movie is part of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies. It is a follow-up to this year's Justice League: War, which was the first of the series to establish plot links between films.

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Son of Batman (Animated movie)


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