Haikyu!! (Anime)

Haikyu!! (Anime)

A plucky, vertically challenged teen's dreams come true when he finally makes the school volleyball team in the new anime Haikyu!!

Shoyo loves volleyball, but his school has no boys' team for him, so for three long years Shoyo Hinata has been practising volleyball by himself: no coach, no team, no team mates. Shoyo is never disheartened, though, and he trains during breaks in any quiet spot in the school that he can find, constantly pestering his classmates to help him practise his spikes. Finally in his last year of junior high, he manages to convince five of his friends to form a team so he can enter the regional tournaments.

Unfortunately, when Shoyo finally gets to play in his first match, it's against the top-ranked team with the tallest and best players, including the star setter, Tobio Kageyamaone. Shoyo is bummed when they lose the match, especially when Tobio tells him that he doesn't have what it takes to play volleyball. But does he give up? Never! For the rest of the year, Shoyo trains with the girls' team, pursuing his dream of one day beating Tobio on the court.

On his first day at his new senior high, Shoyo happily signs up for the boys' team. But as he enters the gym dreaming of life as a volleyball superstar, he is in for a very big surprise. Can you guess what it might be?

This is a humorous anime in a similar vein as Kuroko's Basketball and Diamond no Ace. If you liked those series, you'll definitely enjoy Haikyu!!


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