Otaku Zone- Wizard Barrister: Benmashi Cecil (Anime)

Otaku Zone- Wizard Barrister: Benmashi Cecil (Anime)

A 17-year-old girl becomes the youngest barrister in Tokyo. But she doesn't fight her legal battles in a normal courtroom; her clients are all magical.

New anime series Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil is set in Tokyo in the near future, where wizards, known as Udo, live side-by-side with regular humans. A separate set of laws and a different court system has been established to deal with crimes committed by Udos.

The young lawyer, Cecile, is a wizard herself. Her special skill is the ability to create mecha from any metal nearby.

Cecile has been hired by the Butterfly Law firm; but before she even reaches the office for her first day of work, she gets caught up in a bank robbery. After the incident, Cecile offers to represent a wizard who has been charged with using magic to murder one of his fellow bank robbers.

Director Yasuomi Umetsu ( Galilei Donna) is also responsible for the original concept and the show's character design. Despite it being his first time taking on multiple roles, he does a great job here. Production is by Arms studio.

Will the doe-eyed teenager be able to uncover the truth behind the bank robbery and prove that her very first client is innocent?

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Otaku Zone- Wizard Barrister: Benmashi Cecil (Anime)


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