Fairy Tail (Anime)

Fairy Tail (Anime)


The latest fantasy anime to hit the Japan, Fairy Tail, is based on the manga created by Hiro Mashima, who also penned Groove Adventure Rave (aka Rave Master). The manga is currently being serialised in Weekly Shonen Magazine and has also been collected in graphic novel format with 17 volumes released. An English version is also available, published by Del Rey Manga.

The anime is a joint collaboration between A-1 Pictures (Birdy the Mighty Decode) and Satelight (Shugo Chara!).

This is the story of Lucy Heartfilia, a sorceress in the magical land of Fiore. Lucy's dream is to join the famous Fairy Tail guild and she is on her way to apply for membership. At a seaside town she befriends Natsu Igneel, a young man who gets incredibly motion sick on any form of transportation.

Soon after, Lucy is kidnapped by a man posing as Fairy Tail's famous magician, Salamander. He intends to sell her as a slave. But Natsu is actually the real Salamander. He uses powerful dragon flame magic, easily defeats the imposter and rescues Lucy.

Natsu takes Lucy to the Fairy Tail Guild where her dream finally comes true, and she becomes a guild member. This is just the beginning of Lucy's adventures with Natsu and the crazy characters that make up the Fairy Tail Guild.

This is an amusing show the whole family can enjoy. Keep an eye out for it on the small screen.


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I LOVE...I repeat LOVE Fairy Tail.
And I thought the name was "Fairy Tail" not "Tale". The meaning behind is very complicated, but to keep it short it means: We don't know how fairies look like, so we don't know if fairies have tails, so it becomes a mystery. Therefore it means unlimited imaginatio