An album of inspiration for times of struggle [Review]

An album of inspiration for times of struggle [Review]



After moving from California to Reykjavík, Iceland, Ryan Karazija wrote songs that explored his difficulties adjusting to a foreign land and having to find work to support his family. He wrote one song each day and ended up producing the inspiring Low Roar.

He recorded his songs on a budget with limited equipment, using nothing more than a laptop in his kitchen, yet the production rivals big-budget, major label artists. In addition to the uplifting themes within the music, Karazija's practical approach to his art is inspiring.

His style of music is rather slow but the listener becomes enraptured by the moving themes that evoke deep emotions.

The listener is swept along on Karazija's journey through the use of haunting strings, melancholic vocals and a hint of folk.

Flowing like a meandering river, the music is simple yet bewildering.

It's striking how genuine the music is, against a mainstream that increasingly seems to be preoccupied with the shallow.

The over-produced pop of Nicki Minaj may as well be the polar opposite to Karazija.

It's popular to sing about money and being rich, but Low Roar brilliantly showcases how, in reality, life is hard.

It is a struggle and it is a challenge - and Low Roar sums that up perfectly.

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