More than just 'Lana-lite', pop talent Zella Day is bringing a new dimension to the genre [Review]

More than just 'Lana-lite', pop talent Zella Day is bringing a new dimension to the genre [Review]

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A fan of Lana Del Rey's indie-pop songs? How about this: Zella Day's first full album Kicker is sure to become a go-to album to play during the heat of summer.

Day began her career only a few years ago, but her contemporary American Midwest style quickly won her fame and fans. Her music is influenced by the sparsely-populated town in Arizona, in the US, where she was raised.

On album opener Jerome, Day shows her musical talent with her lyrical and soulful singing. The ballad is dedicated to someone who is selfish in a relationship.

The lyrics, "Jerome, the only love I've ever known", express passionate feelings for a past romance, and the struggles she experienced when he left her.

East of Eden is one of the highlights of the record, having first been released on her 2014 EP. The slamming bass in the chorus is nicely matched with her powerful vocals - and it has all the makings of an epic song.

The album ends with Compass, another heartening love song explored through intimate and emotional memories.

Day frequently hits the high notes, with a strong voice that soars confidently.

Zella Day is definitely a singer to keep an eye on - her soul-baring lyrics and beautiful vocals bring a greater depth to the pop music genre.

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More than just 'Lana-lite'


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