Against the Current brought insane energy to their Hong Kong show

Against the Current brought insane energy to their Hong Kong show

American pop-rock trio Against the Current (ATC) brought their insane energy back to Hong Kong. Last year, they co-headlined an Asia/Australia tour with fellow YouTuber Alex Goot, but this time, they took centre stage.

They've grown a lot as musicians in the past year. Guitarist Dan Gow and drummer Will Ferri were relaxed enough to banter in between songs, but last year they barely addressed the crowd, leaving lead singer Chrissy Costanza to interact with the fans.

Costanza is incredibly charming, and had us wrapped around her finger. When she said Hong Kong was the biggest crowd they have played on their Asia tour, it had the crowd swooning.

There's something about Costanza that makes her seem so genuine and makes us overlook the fact that she's a rock star in the making. Maybe it's her sense of humour, like when the transitions in between songs were a little awkward, she just rolled with it and cracked a few jokes. She's not above poking a little fun at herself and the guys.

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Gravity is the title of their EP and world tour, and the crowd went crazy for ATC's live performance of it, which was much more multi-dimensional than the recorded version.

The only "slow" song they played was Dreaming Alone. As it was originally a duet, Costanza encouraged the crowd to sing along, and we happily obliged. Even though we couldn't hit all of the notes, as a whole, we did sound pretty nice.

It's slightly disappointing that ATC didn't play any of their popular covers, such as Taylor Swift's Red and Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk, but it's understandable that they want to be known for their own music. Their covers did help them attract listeners, though, so it would have been nice to hear the songs they did with Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider.

ATC's set list centred around their last two EPs, but something new is right around the corner. Costanza announced that they finished recording their debut full-length album two weeks before they set out on tour, and they gave us a sneak peek by playing Outsiders, a catchy song about accepting yourself.

Judging by the fans' reactions, their new album should do just as well as Gravity.

Fingers crossed that their album drops soon, and that we'll be able to see them here again next summer. Good things come in threes, yeah?


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