Lianne La Havas' Blood So close to Grammy brilliance [Review]

Lianne La Havas' Blood So close to Grammy brilliance [Review]

Neo-soul artist Lianne La Havas' sophomore album Blood is an elegant marriage of folk and neo-soul.

Lead single Unstoppable is a soulful yet catchy take on making amends post-breakup. It is expressive and powerful at the same time, and La Havas' strong vocals manage to be explosive at some times and incredibly soft and vulnerable at others. (Check out FKJ's remix for proof of La Havas' versatility.)

What You Don't Do sounds like an upbeat, alternative spin on Extreme's Grammy-nominated More Than Words. Green & Gold is a stab at a radio-friendly chart-topper just misses the mark. It showcases the singer's lower register, but her voice lacks the je ne sais quoi quality this song needs. The album closes with Never Get Enough, a melodious track that sounds pretty folky until the hook kicks in with its heavy guitars and distorted vocals.

La Havas' vocals are strong; her writing skills are less so. Her voice, which has Adele's breathy quality of Adele, and Alicia Keys' strength, would be better serviced by better songs that are more catered to her darker, more soulful vocals.

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So close to Grammy brilliance


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