A bland bouquet from indie darling Rose [Review]

A bland bouquet from indie darling Rose [Review]

The second album of Lucy Rose, Work it Out is not as sweet as her name suggests - it's an album about a hopeless love, combining a pinch of pop with a dose of folk.

For You and Koln are hazy tracks that rub the wrong way. The sleepy melodies and demure delivery lack any personality or flavour worth revisiting.

These tracks bear striking resemblance to Daughter, but where the indie-rockers find success in their folky, dreamy sound, Rose falls short. It may as well be Melanie Martinez 's Lights, just with boring lyrics and a repetitive bassline.

Our Eyes and Like an Arrow are unveiled chart stabs, yet somehow fall off the mark. The chanting in the choruses and repetitive hooks are distracting and the additional synths sound completely out of place.

Nebraska is all about trying to reclaim a failing relationship. The minor key changes add a bluesy edge to the track, which makes it stand out among all the other mediocre plays on the album.

While the album will likely fail to nudge the upper pop charts, it is a nice, inoffensive coffee shop soundtrack. That's not a compliment.

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