Inji is an innovative and quirky debut from LA Priest [Review]

Inji is an innovative and quirky debut from LA Priest [Review]

LA Priest is a side project of Sam Eastgate, who used to be the frontman of indie dance-punk band, Late of Pier. He has just released Inji, his debut album as LA Priest; an electronica album with a hint of rock.

Eastgate's kooky instrumentals come into full swing on Oino, combining funk with electro in a supersonic track. The hero of the album is Party Zute / Learning to Love which is about going for what you want and learning to love "all over again".

Night Train combines chiptune and dream pop, giving it a strange vibe that doesn't really mesh well with the rest of the album. This happens in Fabby too, which sounds like the instrumental version of a Coldplay track and has no place here.

The great thing about Inji is that there are a lot of experimental elements on it without being too gimmicky. Although the content is simple, there's a lot of musical innovation here. Inji is a strong debut and one that you can totally rock out to, alone or with friends.

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Innovative and quirky debut


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