Florence and the Machine even do anger with class [Review]

Florence and the Machine even do anger with class [Review]

Most of us are too busy to even look at the sky above us, but Florence and the Machine were inspired by LA's blue skies to churn out an emotional song about an intense but crumbling relationship.

And that's what the British rock band's third record How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful is all about. Florence Welch's internal world is so complex that she can make a whole album exploring the different dimensions of how a relationship is falling apart. It's an emotional landslide where a battered Welch tries desperately to cling on to her optimism but finally surrenders.

There's all kinds of hurt in the album - betrayal in Delilah, regret in Queen of Peace, anger in What Kind of Man. She realises she's fighting a losing battle in St Jude (named after the severe storm that hit Britain in 2013), a sombre piece punctuated by a faint heartbeat.

But beneath all the pain is a dignified optimism. "You'll find a rooftop to sing from / Or find a hallway to dance," she belts in Various Storms & Saints.

Despite the sadness, there's no shortage of upbeat clap-along choruses and brass-driven outros. Welcome back to Welch's world.

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