Unknown Mortal Orchestra thinks that psych-rock is a "Neccessary Evil" [Review]

Unknown Mortal Orchestra thinks that psych-rock is a "Neccessary Evil" [Review]

Since Lorde tweeted lyrics from the band's title track, Unknown Mortal Orchestra have become a big deal on the indie music scene.

Their second album, Multi-Love, has taken a turn for the psychedelic. The title track sets the scene with its heavy funk feel; midway through the album, between Can't Keep Checking My Phone and The World is Crowded, it veers into bluesy territory with lots of heavy sax solos and vocals.

Tracks like Like Acid Rain and Stage or Screen are bound to be crowd pleasers with their psych-rock vibe. Necessary Evil is the only track that doesn't quite fit the mould, with its slower tempo and simpler orchestration; but it redeems itself with its simple yet evocative lyrics: "We're in love / But I don't get what you see in me." Puzzles rounds off the album perfectly with its 70s guitar riffs and bluesy vocal delivery.

Multi-Love demonstrates how experimentation can lead to something with the potential to remain timeless.

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