Django Django’s Born Under Saturn offers a more updated sound [Review]

Django Django’s Born Under Saturn offers a more updated sound [Review]


Django Django's self-titled debut album was a masterpiece. In this true concept album, the group used trippy sounds and rhythms to create an epic that was like a spaghetti-western starring Simon and Garfunkel. (Check your parents' music collection.) If you think that sounds a bit gimmicky, you should be pleased by the Djangos' newest offering, Born Under Saturn, which is darker and drier than their first album.

Opening with Giant, the British four-piece drives us through musical history, harnessing riffs from bygone eras and melding them into their own designs.

 Many songs carry a heavy Beach Boys vibe, but the sugary harmonies are balanced by crunchy guitar chords worthy of '70s rockers such as Edgar Winters or ZZ Top. On top are sweeps of electronica that segue smoothly through the moods. 

Closing things out is Life We Know, a bouncy, upbeat track that will echo in the back of your mind until you hit play and listen to the whole album again. 

Although it may not be as colourful as their first album, Born Under Saturn shows that Django Django is a highly creative group still working on their evolving sound, and they are rightly earning a place in the future of music.


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