Lots of fun with Da Mouth [Review]

Lots of fun with Da Mouth [Review]


Taiwanese pop band Da Mouth goes retro with its fifth album. Back to the Future consists of 11 groovy songs that hark back to '80s dance music, with sugary melodies, playful lyrics and stomping beats. Bursting with youthful energy, it's set to be a favourite.

It's a battle between boys and girls as lead vocalists Harry Chang and Aisa Senda bicker with each other through most of the album, with occasional rap by MC40.

The fellows gain the upper hand with their bad-boy image in Let Dat Gal Go (featuring Pauline Lan Xinmei), then the ladies make a comeback by dismissing them with carefree "la la las" in What The.... With this album, Da Mouth provides an ample supply of fun at the karaoke bar, with flirty duets that will get everyone moving.

There's a bit of heartbreak in the only slow jam of the album, Thinking of You, where Senda regrets her fickleness and begs to be spoken to again.

But the album ends with the warm The Big Confession, a graduation song. "You can't be young again," Chang sings. Better enjoy it while we can.

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