Future Hearts from All Time Low offers fun party songs [Review]

Future Hearts from All Time Low offers fun party songs [Review]

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They call themselves a pop-punk group, but All Time Low mainly show their pop side on Future Hearts.

Their sixth album starts and ends strongly. The guitar-driven opener Satellite is the perfect start, and blends seamlessly into Kicking & Screaming, the most uptempo song on the album.

The album's two singles, Kids in the Dark and Something's Gotta Give, are top pop tracks, which glorify the idea of daring to be different. Runaways is a fun song that tells people to "never turn around, no matter what they say".

Missing You is a highlight. A pop ballad about friendship, it's fantastically catchy due to simple lyrics and refreshing melody.

Things get disappointing in the second half, though. Cinderblock Garden, Tidal Waves, Don't You Go don't work because the band tries to fit too many styles into them. And Bail Me Out shouldn't have been included - it has a dull melody and repetitive lyrics.

Despite a few subpar songs, the album ends with some fun, meaningful tracks. All in all, this is a great album, whether or not you're an ATL fan, with some awesome party anthems.

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