Until the next time, One Direction fans

Until the next time, One Direction fans

Zayn may have left, but Directioners shouldn't let sadness overwhelm them


Zayn might be gone but that doesn't mean One Direction is done
Zayn might be gone but that doesn't mean One Direction is done
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So Zayn Malik has officially left One Direction. A lot of fans are devastated, which is especially understandable if you've supported the band through four best-selling albums, 300 concert dates and Harry Styles' countless bad hair days.

But for Hong Kong fans, the news has added meaning. Zayn Malik's Last Ever Performance with the band took place right here at Asia World Expo. That's right, the last time 1D performed as a five-man band was in Hong Kong. And there was us thinking Hong Kong's always neglected when artists set off on their global tours. No longer will the 852 be thought of as an optional stop on tour dates; from this day onwards, the city can proudly claim the title of the home of the last ever One Direction concert with all five members performing.

Young Post was lucky enough to have not just one, but two team members at the concert, making us twice as qualified to provide the inside scoop on what the final gig was like. The concert itself was great, even if Zayn did look pretty down (it must be hard to force a smile if you know you're about to quit the world's most successful boyband).

Photo: Sony Music

Zayn didn't interact with the crowd much at all, especially in comparison to the much more animated personas of Harry and Liam. In fact, aside from thanking the Hong Kong fans for their support he didn't really say anything at all to the eager crowd, although he did jump in for a selfie with the rest of the band while Liam was chatting with the fans, which confirms what the statement says that the boys are friends for life. He might not have been smiling, but Zayn's singing was on top form. He made sure to hit every note, so at least he can say he ended his One Direction career on a high.

Notably, the band kept referring to the past five years and highlighting how fantastic they've been, but whether this was a nod to Zayn's imminent departure or just coincidence is unclear.

There are rumours flying that Zayn was wiping away tears on March 18. Young Post didn't spot this, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen! If you were there and have photos, videos or memories from this historic night, share them with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Tag @youngposthk and hashtag it #1DforYP.

Whether Zayn's exit was planned or not, being a part of the crowd that night is now sure to be even more special for the thousands of Hong Kong fans who gave the boys the loudest welcome they said they'd ever had.

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If you're really struggling, and no longer sure what direction your life is going in, help is at hand. Our essential guide to coping without Zayn offers four tips to get you through the mourning period.

1. It's not the end of One Direction

We still have Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis, and four out of five is better than none, right? It might seem hopeless right now, but try to think positive and remember that a Zayn-shaped hole is easier to fill than a One-Direction-sized hole. The boys have said they'll continue, so there's the prospect of more 1D to look forward to.

2. Everyone is in the same boat

You might feel like your world is crashing down, but there are millions of fans all over the world who feel the same as you. It's good to let it out. Talking about your feelings with your friends, family or other fans can be a great way to get the sad emotions out the way and focus on the good. Singing Night Changes at the top of your voice alone in your bedroom totally counts as letting it out, by the way.

3. Surprise reunion

Zayn has moved on. We know that. But there's always the hope of a surprise reunion for a special occasion, a comeback tour, or a sneaky guest appearance. He's still on great terms with the rest of the band, so never say never.

4. It's best for Zayn

Clearly Zayn wasn't happy, but thankfully he realised, and decided to quit before things got worse. Zayn no doubt already feels like he is letting fans down by leaving, so rather than criticise him, support his decision. Be grateful that he is healthy and is doing this to be happy, and wish him success for the future. As long as Zayn's happy, we're happy, right?

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