Our motivating melodies to help you prepare for the HKDSE

Our motivating melodies to help you prepare for the HKDSE

Need an extra boost before heading into your exams? Check out our playlist of songs that get us going

We know many of you may be feeling a little nervous right now, with the HKDSE exams starting on Monday. If you've revised and you've been getting enough sleep over the last few weeks, there's no reason to worry too much. Just stay focused, remain calm by taking deep breaths, sleep and eat properly, and give the exams your best shot. You can't do better than your best.

In case you do need an extra boost, though, we've created playlist of the tunes that motivate us when we're studying, preparing for a big work event or nervous about making a good first impression. Enjoy - and good luck! 

1. Shosholoza. Africans know about hard work. (Sue)

2. Sweet Lullaby - Deep Forest. This has a nice rhythm and a happy feel to it, but there’s no English words to distract you from whatever you’re studying. (Sam)

3. In Flames - Trigger. LOUD MUSIC WARNING! I found that loud heavy metal music like this kept my ears and mind focused on what I was doing instead of being distracted by everything around me. Not for everyone, but definitely worked for me. (Leon)

4. Pazza Inter - Inter Milan. Recorded years ago by my favourite players for my favourite football team. It always reminds me of their can-do spirit on the field. (Young)

5. Chopin’s Nocturne in E flat Op. 9 No. 2. I studied classical piano for 10 years, and this was my favourite to play. Listening to it makes me remember every note and finger placement, and all the endless practising. So it gets me in the mindset of practice and study, and getting things absolutely perfect. Also, it’s calming and beautiful. (Ariel)

6. Closing Credits: Bolero from the Moulin Rouge Volume 2 soundtrack (they released two soundtracks for the movie). It’s instrumental, so there aren’t lyrics to distract me, and it works well in a loop. (Heidi)

7. Stuck in a Moment - U2. The lyrics “You’ve got to get yourself together/You’ve got stuck in a moment and nowyou can’t get out of it/Don’t say that later may be better/You are stuck in a moment/and you can’t get out of it” really inspire me to stop procrastinating and get on with what I need to do. (Karly)

8. Roar - Katy Perry. The lyrics inspire me to be strong, and fight for what I want. (Cherry)

9. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk. It’s all in the name really… (Lucy)


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