Björk is back, broken and brilliant as ever [Review]

Björk is back, broken and brilliant as ever [Review]


Indie-pop queen Björk makes a glorious comeback in her ninth and newest album. The highly-anticipated Vulnicura comes four years after Biophilia was released.

Despite Vulnicura being leaked two months before its release, it has still been a commercial success with superb reviews, which hit No. 5 on Billboard's US alternative albums chart.

The album begins with Stonemilker, an impressive track conveying the album's spiritual message. Then comes the really Björk-like Lionsong and its catchy repeating chords, and Black Lake, which is full of dark emotions.

The tracks that follow become even darker and more electronic. The song title Family may sound warm, but it's the opposite - it will give you the chills. Not Get has a devilish vibe to it, and Atom Dance is a rare collaboration with British singer/artist Antony Hegarty. Mouth Mantra is an intense piece with piercing scuffling sounds backed by a string orchestra.

Closer Quicksand contains the lines: "When she's broken she is whole". Perhaps this is how Björk feels, too. After a long "break", she's still brilliant.

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Bjork is back, brilliant as ever


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