Prince keeps it real in new album Art Official Age [Review]

Prince keeps it real in new album Art Official Age [Review]

Prince has been making albums for more than 35 years, and they've always had a smattering of theatricality. Sometimes it's distracting because it lacks a connection to the music, but this time it works.

His albums are always extremely musically technical, too, with a sound like no one else's, just unmistakably Prince.

Art Official Age is no exception, with Prince writing and composing all the songs and playing multiple instruments.

There's a wide variety of songs on the album, from the funky opener Art Official Cage, to soulful ballads such as This Could Be Us, to the party monster Funknroll. This last one contains some advice for the younger generation: "The only way to last till the break of dawn / Is to put your phone down and get your party on".

This is not the album you'd expect from a 56-year-old. Other artists of his vintage might release a token album, with one new hit and a few duets to stay in the game and appeal to younger listeners. But Prince gives us something fresh, fun, and relevant, proving that he's going to be around for a long, long time.

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