[Review] Spoon dishes out eighth album: They Want My Soul

[Review] Spoon dishes out eighth album: They Want My Soul

Spoon's normally witty lyrics are not really found here: " Do you want to get understood? / Do you want one thing or are you looking for sainthood? / Do you run when it's just getting good? / Or do you, do you, do you, do you … "

But it doesn't matter. By the time Do You kicks off, They Want My Soul, the group's eighth studio album, is already rocking.

Do You is one of their more upbeat songs, while Inside Out shows a softer side to Spoon. Lead vocalist Britt Daniel's voice complements the synths and soft drums perfectly, showing raw, albeit slightly restrained emotion. His voice is raspy, but strangely soothing and personal.

Rainy Taxi is another track that shows the band's emotional side. It's louder, with a piercing quality that makes it more intense. " My love, I forget the world / And if you say run, I may run with you / I've got nothing else, I've got nowhere else," sounds pretty sweet. But " if you leave, you better run away for good" sounds slightly ominous.

Spoon's got their sound down, so much so that they can't be mistaken for anyone else. They don't deviate too much from their solid formula, but after all, if it ain't broke ...

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