[Review] Trying too hard ruins the magic

[Review] Trying too hard ruins the magic

Candian band Magic! dropped their debut album, Don't Kill the Magic, at the end of June. It blends pop and reggae with a dash of rock and punk.

The band is led by Nasri Atweh, who has previously written songs for Justin Bieber, Shakira and Chris Brown, among others.

The album kicks off with the single Rude, which has been taking the charts by storm in the US, Canada, Britain and Australia. In it, Atweh complains about an unreasonable father who won't give him his blessing to marry his daughter. The contagious chorus and upbeat tempo make it an easy listen.

One Woman and One Man is another highlight: a slower ballad which really showcases the softer tones in Atweh's voice.

Unfortunately much of the rest of the album fails to spark. On Stupid Me and Little Girl Big World, the band veer away from the laid-back, reggae vibe into music that doesn't work with Atweh's vocals.

Ultimately, Magic! attempt a little too much. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious, but some of these songs would better suit other singers or bands. If they can stick with the reggae in the future, they'll be onto a winner.

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Trying too hard ruins the magic


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