[Review] Del Rey returns, heartbroken

[Review] Del Rey returns, heartbroken

Lana Del Rey's newest album Ultraviolence is charming enough. The melodies aren't as memorable as her previous hits, and the songs are a little long, but the writing's solid and her vocals are on point.

On Brooklyn Baby, one of the more playful tracks, Del Rey croons, "My boyfriend's pretty cool / But not as cool as me."

And who are we to argue when her boyfriend (now fiancé), Barrie-James O'Neill, co-wrote the song?

She certainly lives up to her reputation as a tortured beauty on the title track. Her experiences from quitting an underground group shine through: "Jim raised me up / He hurt me but it felt like true love."

Ouch, but if there's any consolation, she does admit that she's pretty when she cries on Pretty When You Cry: "You leave and leave again / I'm stronger than all my men, except for you."

To us, it seems like she's courting trouble more than anything else, not that we would have it any other way. She's a true siren, heartbroken or not.

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Del Rey returns, heartbroken


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