[Review] Balm for your heartache

[Review] Balm for your heartache

You would think that Swedish singer-songwriter Lykke Li might have cheered up by now, especially after the success of her 2011 album Wounded Rhymes.

But then for a performer most famous for singing that "sadness is a blessing", perhaps happiness isn't something Li does very well.

Not that her fans are complaining. And now she's back with her third LP, I Never Learn, another blast of melancholic indie pop which is just the tonic for anyone going through a breakup.

Li's unique vocals are once again the highlight. On of the melodic No Rest of the Wicked, she manages to sound both distant and determined as she sings: "There's no hope for the weary."

On Gunshot, she is a little more upbeat, somehow turning a refrain of, "I'll never get you back" into something much more cathartic than you'd think possible.

This is a record that celebrates heartbreak as something to be embraced. It reminds us that our lowest points, where it seems like the whole world is against us, are also the moments we often feel most alive.

And during such moments, there's surely no one you'd rather be singing along with.

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Balm for your heartache


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