[Review] Damon Albarn holds his own

[Review] Damon Albarn holds his own

Who says electronic music is a young man's game? Former Blur frontman Damon Albarn is now 46, yet going stronger than ever.

After releasinging a few albums with his imaginary cartoon pals Gorillaz, Albarn has finally released his first solo work.

Everyday Robots boasts 12 tracks - and they are not the dance-inducing electronica you would expect from the likes of Calvin Harris or Avicii.

Opening the album is the title track, where Albarn sings stylishly and nonchalantly rants against technology addiction. "We are everyday robots on our phones/ In the process of getting home," he mournfully sings. The first few songs then build to the crescendo of Mr Tembo, the fourth track, which suddenly changes to a cheeky bossa nova feel.

The Selfish Giant, powered by chic beats and a subtle mix of piano and sound effects, is the highlight track, with Albarn's whispering vocals adding a melancholy sentiment.

The album's closing song, the anthemic Heavy Seas of Love, is reminiscent of English space-rock band Spiritualised's wistful sound.

Overall, Everyday Robots is an intellectual, highly conceptualised work. I don't think it's too early to declare it one of the best albums of the year.

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Damon Albarn holds his own


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