Laughs and lollipops

Laughs and lollipops

Two years after its last release, the friendliest group in pop music is back with a new EP anda crazy chicken dance.

Taiwanese pop group Lollipop@F has been scoring all sorts of gigs over the last couple of years, doing everything from acting to MCing. The only problem is the members haven't had the chance to do much of what they are really about: singing.

Over the past two years, the group's former record label, Gold Typhoon Group, has been undergoing internal changes. Combined with a series of misunderstandings, Lollipop@F hasn't released an album for two years.

Now Owodog, Fabien, A-Wei and William want to put things right.

"During that period, we were quite worried because we really wanted to release a new album," says Owodog, the group's leader.

"We were ready, so [the delay] brought us down. Looking back, it was our lowest point. But it's all sorted now. We ended [the relationship with the label] on good terms, with no hard feelings."

Since then, the quartet has signed with Film Mall Limited, a company founded by Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang Chi-wai, and released a new EP, Big Shot.

"This time, we've stepped up the creativity, especially in terms of dancing. It's even better than in the past," says A-Wei, who was previously a member of the group Black Angle Crew. "For example, we've added props and even come up with a new dance we call 'the roast chicken'."

The roast chicken dance, A-Wei explains, is a comic routine in which members of the group hop with arms folded, imitating the moment a chicken is about to take flight.

Such antics mark the group out for both their sense of humour and their friendliness. It has been eight years since the four members took part in Taiwanese reality show, Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang, which helped shoot Lollipop@F to fame.

Since then, the group has been through a lot together, including playing a concert at Taiwan's leading music venue, Taipei Arena. A year later, they performed at the Hong Kong Coliseum.

Such experiences, including the departure of two members from the original six-piece band, have helped the group mature.

"Back then, it was about puppy love, but this time, we focus on the romance," says Fabien, speaking about the song What's Wrong.

"This time, we are more mature. We went to France to do a music video, too, so we could capture a picturesque cityscape. Expect a lot more emotion."

With K-pop groups dominating the music scene, the quartet says it wants to be the Taiwan's answer to the South Korean craze. The group wants to prove that Chinese-language music can compete with the best.

Armed with quality music and a unique sense of humour, you wouldn't bet against Lollipop@F making a splash. Let's just hope Owodog and the gang don't forget about their Hong Kong fans.

"We're planning to release an album by the end of this year," Fabien says. "And hopefully, we'll do another concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum next year."

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Laughs and lollipops


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