[Review] Modelling more maturity

[Review] Modelling more maturity

Foster the People first rose to prominence with their hit Pumped Up Kicks, which combined a playful melody with dark lyrics about teenage violence. The song became a hit because of its edginess and hipster groove.

Supermodel is the band's sophomore attempt, and is an album that demonstrates their maturity.

The overall mood sounds tamed yet more sophisticated than debut record Torches. The transformation is especially clear in tracks like Ask Yourself and Coming of Age.

Tying the album together is the band's obsession to spread the do-what-you-want-to-do-regardless-of-what-people-think attitude.

The hidden gem is The Truth, the band's foray into a more experimental, electronic feel, using a springy drum to contrast with an almost R&B bass.

But those who liked Foster the People as they were, may prefer the high-energy sound of their last album.


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Modelling more maturity


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