Better value than a thrift shop

Better value than a thrift shop

It seems that those who attended the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert on Thursday may have found a new friend - or homie, as the rappers call it.

Not only did the Grammy-winning hip hop artist manage to get the audience up and bouncing, Macklemore also opened up to his fans. He talked about his former drug problem and shared with the audience how he met Lewis - the best DJ on the planet in Macklemore's eyes.

The gig was fully sold-out, and held, strangely, in a medium-sized hall tucked away on the ground floor of the AsiaWorld-Expo.

The singer opened the night with Ten Thousand Miles, the first track on his Grammy-winning album The Heist.

With fans champing at the bit, it wasn't long until Macklemore ordered his army of backing musicians - almost like an orchestra, with strings, horns, back-up vocals, and Lewis on the panel - to drop the beat for his most famous song, Thrift Shop.

This really got the crowd going, with people swaggering and grooving along to the hit.

The mood continued through Starting Over and Same Love, until the explosive Can't Hold Us kicked in, sending the crowd wild.

It was a nice surprise to see that Macklemore brought a live band with him, as many hip hop artists simply rap over pre-recorded tracks. But the band gave the gig an authentic sound.

Aside from the music, there was plenty to keep people entertained. Macklemore told the bizarre and random story of his friendship with Snoop Dogg.

"Every time when I finish a tour, I go back to America to do the exact same thing," he yelled. "I'll get together with my man Snoop Dogg, and we eat noodles."

He also made sure to play up to the local crowd. At one point, he even rocked up on stage in the jersey of local basketball team Winling.

"When Snoop Dogg asks, I just want to be able to tell him that people in Hong Kong [are] the craziest," he said, to huge cheers.

Macklemore also dressed as a cowboy and a rather odd British king at different points of the night. He wrapped things up with an all-out, confetti-strewn finale. Given the crowd's reaction to Can't Hold Us earlier in the night, nobody was disappointed to hear it again.

We don't know how much of what he said was true. But the one thing we hope Macklemore wasn't kidding about was his invitation to any fans to drop by his place for a barbecue if they are ever in Seattle, United States.

His official website has a postal address; I doubt I'll be the only one dropping him a letter if I head State-side …


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Better value than a thrift shop


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