[Review] Mature, considered second disc

[Review] Mature, considered second disc

Compare Never Trust a Happy Song to sophomore album Spreading Rumours, and Grouplove's transformation is clear: the five-piece US band is increasingly tapping into the electronic scene.

The 13 new tracks are proof of that. But what's more, the music has become conspicuously more upbeat than their previous work.

Not to be missed is Ways To Go, which opens with chillaxed, subtle synth beats which step up in the chorus, morphing into something dreamy and almost MGMT-esque as singer Christian Zucconi belts out, "I got a little bit longer". The track is reminiscent of rising Aussie indie force, San Cisco, too. Other upbeat tracks include Shark Attack and Sit Still.

The seamless transition from fast-paced tracks at the start of the record, to somewhat slower ones later is outstanding. As you listen, the mood shifts from the initially playful, synth-bass-packed tracks to more solid rock.

For those fond of the band's earlier sentimental rock track Itchin' On a Photograph, try Bitin' The Bullet and News To Me.

Spreading Rumours shows the band improving and maturing; hopes are high for future albums.

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Mature, considered second disc


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