[Review] Plenty of mellow tracks a real treat

[Review] Plenty of mellow tracks a real treat

Whether or not you're a fan of the Twilight films, the spin-off soundtracks are always a real treat. Twilight Forever: Love Songs from the saga is an album that certainly doesn't disappoint.

The two discs - each with 17 strong tracks - give a fantastic leg-up to lesser-known indie artists, including Australian brother-sister duo Angus and Julia Stone.

The Features' From Now On adds a splash of liveliness to the collection. But mellow tracks - such as Cider Sky's softly sung Northern Lights and Blue Foundation's Eyes on Fire - are certainly in the majority.

The collection also includes prominent composers. Alexandre Desplat's soulful piano piece, The Meadow, is reminiscent of the tender romance between Edward and Bella, and Howard Shore's Jacob's Theme, from Eclipse, poignantly illustrates the predicament of the werewolf's unreturned love.

Twilight Forever does feature mainstream artists, yet shows a different side of them - such as Green Day's gentle track Forgotten.

The only letdown was that Muse was not included, despite Twilight author Stephenie Meyer being inspired by the band while writing the books.

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Plenty of mellow tracks a real treat


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