[Review] Russian Red is a Spanish treat

[Review] Russian Red is a Spanish treat

Fans have had to wait three years, but finally we have another release from Russian Red. Born Lourdes Hernandez, the Spanish singer-songwriter's third album, Agent Cooper, features 10 tracks all named after boys.

The album has a vintage feel, with a number of mid-tempo tracks. But the highlights are when Hernandez experiments with electronic sounds.

Casper, for example, boasts zappy beats and a cheeky Hernandez half-singing, half-rapping: "There was one and there were two/ And then I probably lost the count/But I can't even see their faces/ Can't remember how they sound."

Other electro-influenced highlights include tracks John Michael, William and Stevie, which will get you into the groove.

Those here for Hernandez's distinctive vocals should check out Tim B, the last track in the record. She shows off her mesmerising voice and pitch-perfect falsetto in the most soothing acoustic setting possible.

It's good to see the singer teaming up with some top sound engineers, such as Mark Needham, who has worked with The Killers and Bloc Party. Emily Lazar, who recently worked alongside Vampire Weekend, was also brought on board. Yet the album still manages to sound like a classic Russian Red record.

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Russian Red is a Spanish treat


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