Sprinkling of Pixie dust

Sprinkling of Pixie dust

School support makes fame easy to deal with


Pixie Lott's new self-titled album will feature a more soulful sound.
Pixie Lott's new self-titled album will feature a more soulful sound.

Not much fazes Pixie Lott. The 23-year-old singer had already performed at the famous London Palladium and sang on BBC television by the age of 15. So now she's able to take fame and celebrity life in her stride.

"I think I just learned about the business, and more about myself," Lott says of her childhood stardom. "It's gaining confidence to do what I want, and follow my dream."

These experiences were valuable in Lott's rise to stardom. She was just 18 when she released her debut album, Turn It Up, in 2009. She's now preparing to drop her third, eponymous album early this year.

Pixie Lott, says the singer who was born Victoria Louise Lott, will boast a Motown-influenced, soulful sound. Unlike her previous records, which include a mix of diverse styles including R&B and electro, this record will focus on the sound of Lott's childhood.

"I grew up listening to a lot of soul music, and soul singers have the best voices, so I guess that's what inspires me in this album," she says. "My other albums are a mix, dance-y, and all about tonight, then there will be a soulful [song]. But this one is [all soul]."

Lott is a fan of many famous Motown artists, including The Supremes, who influenced her record. "Whether it's uptempo or uses samples, it's all soulful stuff. I think this album is almost mostly me. That's why we're calling [it] Pixie Lott."

Lott's first taste of fame was with her most well-known single, Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh), released in 2009. The track topped the British singles chart. In the years that followed, she released her debut album which sold more than a million copies, and a follow-up called Young Foolish Happy. Both performed well in the charts.

But few people realise Lott had a long musical background before her breakthrough. "I went to a performing arts school when I was 11," she says.

It was there that Lott first had the opportunity to perform, and where she won the chance to sing at the London Palladium.

Although most of her training focused on classical music, her heart was always in pop music. And looking back, Lott says she's glad that her school gave her the opportunity to pursue her passion.

"They kind of let you be individuals," she says. "Most of the kids wanted to do musical and theatre, and I decided to do songwriting."

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Sprinkling of Pixie dust


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