[Review] Indie favourites still on form

[Review] Indie favourites still on form

Canadian indie band Arcade Fire's fourth album was one of the most anticipated in recent years. After years of awards and praise from critics, Reflektor is a change of direction, with the band being influenced by the rara music of Haiti.

The result is a record that's dreamier than their first three; tracks such as We Exist, Joan of Arc and Here Comes the Night Time II sound psychedelic.

Other tracks will get your head bobbing. Flashbulb Eyes has an exotic vibe with a reggae influence, and features lots of electronic effects and a wide range of percussion instruments.

The penultimate track, Afterlife, is another highlight, a perfect mix of rock and electronic. It almost seems like the band is mocking death with an upbeat melody that contrasts with lyrics that read like something you'd hear at a funeral.

The record was fuelled by a guerilla marketing campaign that revved up the hype; fortunately for the band and fans alike, Reflektor does not disappoint.

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Indie favourites still on form
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