[Review] So much better with energy

[Review] So much better with energy

Britney Spears' eighth studio album, Britney Jean, is the artist's attempt to break into the electronic market. The 10 tracks make up what Spears calls a concept album, the concept being "the loneliness of pop life".

She's pulling out all the stops, with talented electro-pop music makers on board, such as Sia, Black Eyed Peas' Will.i.am and French house DJ David Guetta.

Tracks featuring guest vocalists are impressive. It Should Be Easy - which blends Spears' beloved pop with Will.i.am's signature sound - opens with Spears' stylishly auto-tuned voice. The momentum builds slowly, and eventually the electronic beats take over the chorus.

Tik Tik Boom, featuring rapper T.I., boasts a slower-paced, yet more rhythmic vibe, with Spears' singing distinctly reminiscent of her Baby One More Time days.

But the rest of the record sounds average, presumably because of Spears's lack of experience in making the sort of music house DJs specialise in. An absence of energy is clear.

But credit where it's due: Spears isn't scared to try new things, and this is far from unlistenable.


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So much better with energy
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