[Review] K-pop group still eyeing J-pop

[Review] K-pop group still eyeing J-pop

The ambitious K-pop group Girls' Generation have always wanted to dominate the music scene outside their homeland. Since their debut in 2007, the nine girls - who sing mostly in Korean, but sometimes with a touch of English - have been rocking the world.

They also have a desire to take over the J-pop world, and Love & Peace is their third Japanese album. It landed in first place on the Oricon Weekly Album Chart, one of Japan's iconic indicators.

The record has an electro-pop vibe, but also includes some classic J-pop beats and an R&B love track.

Galaxy Supernova - which peaked at No 3 on the Oricon, and No 4 on the Japan Hot 100 - boasts some head-bobbing beats. Another good track is Motorcycle, which has an interesting mix of pop and electro sounds throughout.

You can't break into the Japanese market without making your sound a bit Japanese-y, and Flyers and Karma Butterfly are the group's answers to that. The last track, Everyday Love, offers some soothing R&B grooves.

Love & Peace is set to become the group's next huge hit. But one day, fans would like to see a bit of creative effort from the nine pretty performers.

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K-pop group still eyeing J-pop
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