[Review] Brainwashingly catchy songs

[Review] Brainwashingly catchy songs

Judging from a cursory glance at the track list - actually, just from a glance at the first two tracks - Far East Movement have taken their unexpected collaborations up a notch with Justin Bieber singing the hook after a song featuring Tyga. With two polar opposites next to each other, it's safe to say the conventions of the hip-hop genre don't apply to Dirty Bass.

The album lives up to the hype after their major-label debut Free Wired (which gave them a place in history as the first Asian American group to make the Billboard Top 10). Their first single Live My Life, the track with Bieber, and remixed by LMFAO's Redfoo, topped iTunes charts worldwide in its first week of its release. By using Bieber, Far East Movement is once again the host of an all-inclusive party for those who can (or can't) get into the clubs.

Not surprisingly, there is no clear-cut "hit" song as all tracks are catchy to a brainwashing degree - because with all those bits and pieces destined to loop in your mind, it's almost like a personalised remix of Dirty Bass. Despite the onslaught of guest appearances by Tokio Hotel's Bill Kaulitz and Pitbull, the spotlight remains firmly placed on Far East Movement - so bump this in your trunk and FEEL that bass in your chest pounding along with your heart beat.

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