[Review] Party kings prove their worth

[Review] Party kings prove their worth


Kev Nish of Far East Movement rocks the crowd during their concert in Hong Kong.
Kev Nish of Far East Movement rocks the crowd during their concert in Hong Kong.
Photo: Triks

You may already unknowingly be a fan of Far East Movement - c'mon, who hasn't at least bopped their head to chart-toppers Like A G6, Girls on the Dance Floor, and Rocketeer?

Last Monday night, when DJ Virman wordlessly stepped out on stage, the crowd held their breath - he was taking his time to put on his headphones, playfully teasing the crowd before playing remixes with distinct FM flair.

Known for bridging the gap between alternative rock, electro and dance music in their debut album Free Wired, this quartet has gained a diverse fan base - the crowd was made up of equal parts giggly tweens, hyperactive high-schoolers dreading classes the next day and adults (mostly expats) looking for a good time.

The music videos have nothing on their live act - no song sounded exactly the same as the recording, offering fans a fresh twist. And all those fangirls out there, the guys' photos don't do them justice; the screams for the towel of Kev Nish (above) were louder than those for the Nike kicks thrown to the crowd.

Although FM is well-known for dance music that makes you want to "shake that jello" and "feel that bass", their quieter, more soulful approach to Rocketeer and Fighting For Air had the crowd in awe. It may have been corny, but Kev Nish's brief speech to "all the dreamers out there", urging us not to care about those who try to hold us back, showed a less party-animal side of FM.

Sensing a brief lull just before the encore, Kev Nish took the time to announce that FM had another surprise for all of us - no, not about the copious amount of merchandise that was to be devoured by the crowd, or the fact that their next album, Dirty Bass, was in post-production - they would be staying after the show to hang out with fans and provide plenty of photo/autograph ops.

FM has partying down to an art form - getting the crowd amped up and making music that blends multiple genres (Kev Nish's guitar solo was definitely a hit with fans of rock).

I met FM twice in one night - a school night, no less, with its usual onslaught of work - "I I I party all day and all n-n-n-night" with FM, and left the textbook "party" for the wee small hours.


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