Reaping the rewards after years on the road

Reaping the rewards after years on the road

Hard work finally pays off for Evaline


The band members' good looks, personalities, sound and stage presence is proving to be a winning formula for Evaline.
The band members' good looks, personalities, sound and stage presence is proving to be a winning formula for Evaline.
Photo: Joey Petersen

Evaline is a band unfortunately best known as the cancelled supporting act for Linkin Park's show earlier this month. But any publicity is good publicity, right? So it would seem for Evaline, whose music has now been exposed to Hongkongers.

They describe themselves as "a bunch of kids from California" on their website, but don't be fooled by their humility. With two EPs and an album under their belt, they have plenty to brag about, especially when it comes to their debut Woven Material, released last month. An appearance in the Vans Warped Tour music festival? Check. Linkin Park's supporting act? Check. iTunes Festival in London with My Chemical Romance? Check. There's no doubt that Evaline is on a roll.

Evaline is living proof that hard work pays off. After touring constantly for two years, they went home, changed the line-up and started reformulating their sound.

Girls, don't let the band members' good looks and matching suits fool you. They aren't popstars; their music is deep.

One of the band's favourite tracks, Ascend, was something of an epiphany for lead singer Richard Perry. He was just sitting in front of his piano and the tune came to him. The other band members latched onto the distinctive vocal melody immediately.

Woven Material builds a microcosm in which the most raw of human emotions are explored - Ascend is about understanding death.

The band's YouTube channel features intentionally unpolished music videos. Expect to hear an early band's brutally honest sound. Their playlist also highlights the video they made to answer their fans' questions (FYI, they're coffee people) and intimate interviews.

This is particularly touching as it seems that they do make a genuine effort to connect with their fanbase. The band members seem like people who won't hold back, and their channel reflects this. A large portion of their music is available for free and word-of-mouth has worked its magic.

The band members' personalities, sound and stage presence make them the total package., although they have been able to keep calm in the face of success. With their good looks, styled bed head hair and laid-back indie rock sound, it seems likely that they headline a tour very soon.

The website Junk Online was right: Evaline's band members are truly rock icons in the making. Let's just hope they finally make a stop in Hong Kong sometime soon.


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