[Review] Music evolves into clean fun

[Review] Music evolves into clean fun

People are judgmental. That's just another harsh fact of life. But you can fight back.

The Arka Teks wrote Snobby Hipster Girl, featured on their latest release Evolver, to get back at condescending snobs, with a heartfelt refrain of "You think you're better than me?" That certainly captures what you'd like to say to those who put you down.

The band's music is brutally honest, which is a great attraction to their fans. "Such a pretty girl like you has an ugly attitude," another line says. The Arka Teks tell it like it is.

Producer/songwriter Nick Fowler and singer/songwriter Tyler Lombard met at a party in their final year at university. The two Canadians instantly hit if off. Soon after, they were joined by Ryan Eatman.

Fowler's heavy metal roots work well with Lombard's pop-folk background. The final product is feel-good electronic music with a poppy twist.

Evolver is diverse enough to cater to different tastes, with its pounding bass, smooth vocals and catchy guitar solos. You can listen to the songs anywhere - at a party as much as a sleepover.

Although the trio say they love to have a good time, their songs are not littered with the usual explicit references. Their songs inspire you to have good clean fun in your own laidback way.

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