K-pop boy group ONF want to show HK their unique mix of dance and vocals in their debut Asia tour

K-pop boy group ONF want to show HK their unique mix of dance and vocals in their debut Asia tour

The group, which includes Hyo-jin, E-Tion, J-Us, Wyatt, MK, U and Laun, has ON and OFF subteams which specialise at vocals and dance respectively


K-pop boy group ONF are strong at both vocals and dance.
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Oh My Girl and B1A4’s labelmates ONF is finally bringing their unique k-pop boy group sound to fans in Asia with their ONF (We Must Love) Asia Tour 2019. Their debut tour of Asia kicks off in Hong Kong tonight at 8pm, in the Music Zone venue at E-Max mall in Kowloon Bay.

The seven members Hyo-jin, E-Tion, J-Us, Wyatt, MK, U and Laun first burst onto the scene on the YG entertainment’s survival audition programme MIXNINE as contestants, where they showcased their singing and dancing prowess.

With three members in the ON and OFF subteams respectively and Laun belonging to both, their group concept ONF symbolises their diversity, a combination of the ON team’s emotional vocal strength and the OFF team’s aptitude for powerful dance.

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Young Post was lucky enough to sit down and chat with the boys on Thursday, as they were getting ready for their first ever concert in Hong Kong.

Main vocalist Hyo-jin expressed his excitement at coming to Hong Kong as he had been hoping to travel to the city for a long time. “My heart flutters at the thought of starting our Asia Tour here, and I hope to bring different kinds of performances to all the Fuses [ONF’s official fanclub members] from Hong Kong.”

Members E-Tion and MK also talked about the places they want to explore in the city. E-Tion said he wanted to visit Tsim Sha Tsui for the night lights and to enjoy the breeze by the Victoria Harbour, while the big theme park fan MK couldn’t wait to see what Hong Kong Disneyland has to offer.

When asked which celebrity in Hong Kong they would love to collaborate with, Laun, who wants to try his hand at acting some day, immediately expressed his admiration for the Hong Kong-based Taiwanese senior actress Joey Wang Cho-yee. He remembers watching the famous Hong Kong romantic fantasy thriller A Chinese Ghost Story (1987). “Despite our age difference, I would like to [act] with her one day,” he said.   

Meanwhile, Hyo-jin, one of the members who does not have a singing or songwriting background, said he would love to try “composing music and writing lyrics” if given the opportunity. “ But for now, I want to focus on improving my vocals first.”

Although each ONF member wants to challenge themselves in the future by trying out new music genres or acting, the group’s current priority is to make themselves known throughout the globe. “After that we can experiment with different images and show our other talents to the world,” the rapper of the group Wyatt said.  

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The septet also shared their thoughts on what distinguishes them from other Korean boy groups, given the fierce competition in the entertainment industry.

“Compared to other teams, we’ve spent a relatively long period of time training together, and that is what makes our teamwork excellent,” said E-Tion. He also said the dual qualities embodied by ONF’s subteam concept was something very distinctive, a “charm” that was not found in many other groups.

Even with the five-year age difference between the youngest and eldest member Laun and Hyo-jin, the group said they had no problems getting along. “Every time when conflict arises, we will sit down and listen to, and try to understand each other’s points of view,” said J-Us.

Besides, he mentioned that BIA4’s Sandeul, who also belongs to ONF’s label WM Entertainment, had given them a lot of emotional support for their performance in Hong Kong. “He told us not to panic, and enjoy the show without any regrets,” he said. “His words of encouragement mean a lot to us.”

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